Benefits of built in harness car seat

Jul 03, 2023 in

Booster or A Fully Harnessed Seat?

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The Benefits of 6 inbuilt Point Harnesses

A 6 point harness offers better protection than a booster seat in a number of ways.

A correctly fitted 6 point harness will result in far less forward excursion, which is how far forward the head, shoulders and chest move in a crash. It also prevents torso rotation (which is seen in booster seats, which use the sash belt as the primary torso restraint). Reduced forward head movement can also help prevent the child’s head contacting loose items during a crash.

Reducing excursion also ensures the head and torso are in a good position for side impact protection, too. A lot of accidents happen at offset angles, so the less the child is thrown forward, the less chance of impacting the door or window.

The more secure a child is inside their restraint, the more likely a better outcome in the event of a crash.

One of the less obvious benefits is increased energy attenuation (which is the transfer or dissipation of the energy generated in a crash, away from the child). In a booster seat, the child and the booster seat are essentially independent of one another. In a crash, the vehicle seatbelt does the vast majority of the energy attenuation.

There is also generally less webbing in contact with the child in a booster seat. This concentrates the energy over a smaller area. If you’ve ever been in even a minor accident as an adult, you’re probably aware of what a seatbelt injury looks and feels like.

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